The Unlikely Path To Stardom For 30 Degrees Teng

In an interview with SVT, Project Manager Peter Zell reveals the unlikely story behind casting Teng for 30 Degrees In February. They needed a Thai girl who could play an eleven year old who had grown up in an orphanage, and that had initially proved difficult. Zell says: "It was hard to find her. But then there was this girl (Namfon Phetsut) at the hotel where Anders (Weidemann, scriptwriter) was staying who played with his daughter Viola." "Anders suggested that we should

30 Degrees In February Star Undergoing Cancer Treatment

On Friday, Kjell Wilhelmsen revealed to the magazine programme Go'kväll that he is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. The actor, who plays Glenn in 30 Degrees In February, explained why it took six months for him to seek treatment. Kjell had been living his life relatively normally for six months after noticing a pea sized lump in his breast tissue. However, when he mentioned it to his mother, who was suffering from breast cancer, she told him to seek medical advice. "She

New Season Of 30 Degrees To Premiere In February

SVT has announced that the second season of 30 Degrees In February will premiere February 1st, and is partly set in both Gothenburg and Thailand. SVT's project manager, Peter Zell, says: "The story that unfolds in the Gothenburg area is mainly about Glenn and Oh's move to Sweden. It is the culture clash and how Glenn's new Thai life partner is received in Sweden. The portion which is recorded in Thailand will be a bit of a road movie, which means

Göteborg Film Festival To Highlight Nordic Television

The Göteborg Film Festival has announced that it will include TV series in its line-up from neighbouring Nordic countries along with the world premiere of three Swedish series. “It feels like completely the right time for the Göteborg Film Festival to include TV drama in its programme in a well thought-out and structured way," says the festival’s artistic director, Jonas Holmberg. "We’re happy that we’ve had such a strong response from the Nordic TV industry, which has made it possible for us