Dorthe Nors: Mirror, Shoulder, Signal

DORTHE NORS | NEWS | STORE Sonja's over forty, and she's trying to move in the right direction. She's learning to drive. She's joined a meditation group. And she's attempting to reconnect with her sister. But Sonja would rather eat cake than meditate. Her driving instructor won't let her change gear. And her sister won't return her calls. Sonja's mind keeps wandering back to the dramatic landscapes of her childhood - the singing whooper swans, the endless sky, and getting lost barefoot in

Denmark & Norway Shortlisted For Man Booker Prize

Denmark's Dorthe Nors and Norway's Roy Jacobsen have been shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize, which recognises the best books from around the world that are available in English and published in the UK. The Man Booker International Prize has revealed the shortlist of six books in contention for the 2017 prize. Each shortlisted author and translator receives £1,000, and there is a prize of £50,000 for the winning book which is divided equally between its author and translator. NOMINEES: Mathias Enard

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