Jo Nesbo’s Snowman Heading To Norway

It is no secret that an American adaptation of Jo Nesbø's bestseller The Snowman is in pre-production. However, whilst Stockholm has long been in the running, the recent announcement of tax breaks for film and TV in Norway has ensured that the Working Title's vision to shoot exterior scenes there will soon be realised. Former culture commissioner Hallstein Bjercke said in a statement: "I announce that the production of The Snowman will be located in Oslo. This is something that I

Francesco Carrozzini To Direct Jo Nesbø’s Midnight Sun

Deadline reports that Italian production company Cattleya (Gomorra) has picked up the rights for an English language adaptation of Jo Nesbø's novel Midnight Sun, with Francesco Carrozzini confirmed to direct. In Midnight Sun, Jon is a former hit man for notorious drug kingpin The Fisherman who flees to an isolated corner of Norway, to a mountain town so far north that the sun never sets, in the hope of finding sanctuary with a local religious sect. Hiding out in a shepherd’s cabin

Baltasar Kormákur To Direct Jo Nesbø’s I Am Victor

SF Studios has announced that Baltasar Kormákur (Trapped) is to direct I Am Victor, an English language feature based on Jo Nesbø's forthcoming novel, which will be adapted by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (Skyfall). I Am Victor follows a skilled but morally corrupt and narcissistic divorce settlement lawyer who finds himself framed for a series of brutal murders thus starting his own investigation to find the killer. Producer, Fredrik Wikström Nicastro, told "Baltasar was my first choice so I

Spiderman Set To Direct Jo Nesbø’s Blood On Snow

Deadline reports that Tobey Maguire (Spiderman) is set to make his directorial debut with an adaptation of Jo Nesbø's novel Blood On Snow, which will be written by the author himself. In Blood On Snow, Olav is a fixer for a high-profile crime kingpin in 1970s Oslo. He easily takes care of anyone who causes trouble for his boss. But he is more complicated than he seems. Olav’s latest job puts him at the pinnacle of his trade, but it may become

Jo Nesbø’s The Thirst Set For First Edition History

Jo Nesbø's eleventh Harry Hole novel, The Thirst, is set for the largest first edition print run in Norwegian history when it launches on March 21st. In Police, the last novel featuring Jo Nesbø’s maverick Oslo detective, a killer wreaking revenge on the police had Harry Hole fighting for the safety of the people closest to him. Now, in The Thirst, the story continues as Harry is inextricably drawn back into the Oslo police force. A serial killer has begun targeting Tinder