Karl Ove Knausgård: Home and Away

KARL OVE KNAUSGÅRD | NEWS Karl Ove Knausgård is sitting at home in Skåne with his wife, four small children and a dog. He is watching football on TV and falls asleep in front of the

Karl Ove Knausgård

KARL OVE KNAUSGÅRD | NEWS Karl Ove Knausgård's first novel, Out of the World, was the first ever debut novel to win the Norwegian Critics’ Prize and his second, A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven,

Karl Ove Knausgård: A Time For Everything

KARL OVE KNAUSGÅRD | NEWS What if God exists? What if angels are real? What if we treated religious tracts, including the Bible, as empirical evidence of the supernatural world? Karl Ove Knausgård's major novel, A Time

Karl Ove Knausgård: Some Rain Must Fall

KARL OVE KNAUSGÅRD | NEWS As the youngest student to be admitted to Bergen's prestigious Writing Academy, Karl Ove arrives full of excitement and writerly aspirations. Soon though, he is stripped of his youthful illusions. His writing