Sjöwall & Wahlöö: The Terrorists

SJÖWALL & WAHLÖÖ | NEWS | STORE An American senator is visiting Stockholm and Martin Beck must lead a team to protect him from an international gang of terrorists. In the midst of the fervour created by the diplomatic visit, a young, peace-loving woman is accused of robbing a bank. Beck is determined to prove her innocence, but gets trapped in the maze of police bureaucracy. To complicate matters a millionaire pornographer has been bludgeoned to death in his own bathtub. Will Beck

Sjöwall & Wahlöö: Cop Killer

SJÖWALL & WAHLÖÖ | NEWS | STORE In a country town, a woman is brutally murdered and left buried in a swamp. There are two main suspects: her closest neighbour and her ex-husband. Meanwhile, on a quiet suburban street a midnight shootout takes place between three cops and two teenage boys. Dead, one cop and one kid. Wounded, two cops. Escaped, one kid. Martin Beck and his partner Lenart Kollberg are called in to investigate. As Beck digs deeper into the murky

Sjöwall & Wahlöö: The Locked Room

SJÖWALL & WAHLÖÖ | NEWS | STORE A young blonde in sunglasses robs a bank and kills a hapless citizen. Across town, a corpse with a bullet shot through its heart is found in a locked room with no gun at the scene. The crimes seem unrelated, but to Martin Beck they are two pieces of the same puzzle. Haunted by a near-fatal bullet wound and trying to recover from the break-up of his unhappy marriage, Beck throws himself into the case

Sjöwall & Wahlöö: The Abominable Man

SJÖWALL & WAHLÖÖ | NEWS | STORE The gruesome murder of a police captain in his hospital room reveals the unsavoury history of a man who spent forty years practicing a horrible blend of strong-arm police work and shear brutality. Martin Beck and his colleagues feverishly comb Stockholm for the murderer, a demented and deadly rifleman, who has plans for even more chaos. As the tension builds and a feeling of imminent danger grips Beck, his investigation unearths evidence of police corruption.