Israeli Artist Accuses The Legacy Of Plagiarism

Politiken reports that Israeli artist Ori Gersht has accused Danish drama The Legacy (Arvingerne) of plagiarising his work. Whilst he does not intend to mount a legal challenge, Ori Gersht believes that the opening sequence to hit DR drama The Legacy, where a vase of flowers explodes in slow motion, is a copy of his piece Big Bang from 2006. He says: "I know that there is always a cultural exchange, and it's OK that people are influenced by each other. But

The Legacy Cast Star In Jørgen Hansen Boxing Biopic

Filming is set to begin on Mikkel Serup's boxing biopic, Den Bedste Man (The Best Man), about legendary Danish boxer Jørgen "Gamle" Hansen, who was European Welterweight Champion nine times in the 1970s. It will star Mikkel Følsgaard (The Legacy), Lene Maria Christensen (The Legacy), and Søren Malling (The Killing). Den Bedste Man begins in the late 70s, when most people have written off Jørgen "Gamle" Hansen (Mikkel Følsgaard). He is afraid to go into the ring, his body is worn,

Skam Legacy Continues With Youth Drama Lovleg

Global phenomenon Skam may have come to an end in Norway last year, but auditions have already begun for its successor which has a working title of Lovleg. In common with Skam, the new series will primarily be an online drama for NRK P3 starring young, local actors. However, it moves the action from Oslo to the countryside of Western Norway and the key theme this time is the challenges youngsters face when they move out into the world and are

Asger Leth Connected With Jakob Ejersbo’s Liberty

Director Asger Leth has revealed that five-part drama Liberty, which premieres as part of the Berlinale Series sidebar of the Berlin International Film Festival (15 – 25 February), reflects some experiences that he shares with Jakob Ejersbo, upon whose novel and childhood the series is based. Asger Leth says: "My father lives in Haiti, and has done for over 30 years. I came to Haiti for the first time when I was 12-13 years old... So I've also lived a life

A Better Life In The Country For Jesper Christensen

Jesper Christensen (The Legacy) stars in Michael Noer's powerful new movie A Better Life (Et bedre liv), which recently concluded filming on the Danish island of Zealand. A Better Life is set in the Danish countryside during the 19th century where its inhabitants face tough conditions and, with the prospect of yet another harsh winter ahead, farmer Jens (Jesper Christensen) has a difficult decision to make. If the family is to survive the winter, Jens must come to an agreement with the