Jon Wellner


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Jon Wellner is an American actor, best known for his role as toxicologist Henry Andrews on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He has portrayed Andrews for eight seasons and has been signed for the 2013-2014 season, his ninth with the showHe began his affiliation with the show in Season 4 as a researcher, verifying that the information on the show was accurate.He had a role as a zookeeper in Season 5, then took on the role of Andrews. He continues to serve as a researcher for the show. In 2009 he and fellow cast member/researcher David Berman formed a company that does research for several other television forensics shows including Bones, CSI: Miami, and Drop Dead Diva.

2001: Gilligan / Bob Denver - Surviving Gilligan's Island
2015: Henry Andrews - CSI: Immortality
2006: Brett Johnson - Grad Night
2007: Bellman - Ocean's Thirteen

1999: Providence
2000: Gilmore Girls
2005: Life on a Stick
2000: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
1999: Judging Amy
1998: Becker
2003: NCIS
2002: The Court
2000: Henry Andrews - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
2009: Calvin - Drop Dead Diva
2003: Brad - That's So Raven
2005: Mike Campbell - Bones