Leïla Bekhti (born 6 March 1984) is a French film and television actress of Algerian descent. She is best known for her roles in Sheitan, Tout ce qui brille and Paris, je t'aime.

Bekhti was born in Issy-les-Moulineaux to an Algerian family from Sidi Bel-Abbes. She is the youngest of three children.She went to a theater school in Paris (18e) before entering the program of Stéphane Gildas in Tolbiac, then the program of Bérengère Basty at the Art’aire studio. To live and pay for her acting studies, she worked odd jobs (clothes, telemarketing).In 2005, her friends convinced her to go to the casting of Sheitan, where she was selected for the role of Yasmin, a young beurette. Released on 1 February 2006, Sheitan spent thirteen weeks in theaters, selling around 300,000 tickets.That same year, she acted opposite Smaïn in Alain Tasma's telefilm Harkis. The film told the story of an Algerian family who suffers persecution from French forces, despite having fought on their side in the Algerian War. Bekhti was interested in the film's subject as several members of her family, including her grandfather, fought in the ranks of the FLN.

2006: Zarka (Quais de Seine) - Paris, je t'aime
2009: Djamila - Un prophète
2006: Yasmine - Sheitan
2010: Lila - Tout ce qui Brille
2007: Mounia - Mauvaise foi
2011: Nora - Itinéraire bis
2010: Anissa - Il reste du jambon ?
2011: Leila - La source des femmes
2012: Nadia - Une vie meilleure
2011: Leïla - Toi, moi, les autres
2008: Lya - Des poupées et des anges
2008: Leila - Harkis
2012: Samia - Nous York
2012: Maya Dervin - Mains Armées
2008: Sarah - Choisir d'aimer
2013: Lou - Avant l'hiver
2014: Le Débarquement 2
2009: Myriam - Le choix de Myriam
2015: Juliette Lesage - Maintenant ou jamais
2010: Zora - Fracture
2015: Fereshteh - Nous trois ou rien
2007: Morgiane - Ali Baba et les 40 Voleurs
2015: Albertine - L'Astragale
2018: Nicole - Beirut
2017: Invitée d'honneur - À voix haute
2010: Safia - Conte de la frustration
2018: Jeanne - Un Homme Pressé
2018: Mona Barni - Carnivores
2018: Amanda - Le Grand Bain
2019: La Lutte des classes
Chanson douce

2016: Kahina Zadi - Midnattssol
2011: Leïla Bekhti - Bref
2006: Vally Devailly - Les tricheurs
2007: Morgane - Ali Baba et les 40 voleurs