Hanna Alström


Hanna Carolina Alström is a Swedish actress.

She started acting at Unga Teatern when she was 5 years old, then together with her older sister Sara, and the theatre was directed by Maggie Widstrand. The theatre group played at many theatres in Stockholm. When Alström was 6, she appeared in Staffan Götestam's play Gränsland at Puckteatern and at the Gröna Lund Theatre. Later she played some child roles at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. She studied at Sankt Eriks gymnasium and later at the Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting. In 2014 she played Princess Tilde in the film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

1999: Veronika - Sherdil
2011: Josefine - En gång i Phuket
2012: Sophia Grenborg - En plats i solen
2013: Cecilia Hallman - Farliga drömmar
2014: Henrietta - Tillbaka till Bromma
2008: Hanna - Kärlek 3000
2014: Princess Tilde - Kingsman: The Secret Service
2009: Henrietta - Blomstertid
2017: The Teacher - Sameblod
2013: Gertrud - Mig äger ingen
1989: Berit - Gull-Pian
2017: Princess Tilde of Sweden - Kingsman: The Golden Circle
1995: Bert - den siste oskulden
2006: Elle - Min frus förste älskare
2018: Ann Zacharias - Ted - För kärlekens skull
2019: Liesel - The Glass Room
2009: Nurse - Knäcka