Black Lake | Svartsjön – Season 1


A group of friends check in to a desolate and seemingly idyllic mountain hotel in the Swedish forests, but their expectation of a nice mountain stay is changed by a series of strange and unpleasant events.

What do the strange words “Gäädek Jäämit” mean that keep cropping up in everywhere? Johan tires of Hanne’s improbable theories, though Jostein seems to be listening to her. But what Hanne not know is that Jostein has his own hidden agenda. Jessan and Hanne get the group to agree to a seance, but it ends in chaos and Jessan disappears. They are then forced to go down into the dark, menacing basement for the first time.

What is the voice that the increasingly confused Jessan is talking about after her experience in the basement? Is it related to the unpleasant message Gäädek Jäämit – kill or be killed? Hanne’s sister Mette is getting tired of Hanne’s conspiracy theories and believes that they are sick fantasies stemming from the childhood trauma of when her little brother Jacob drowned. But Hanne will not listen to Mette and becomes increasingly convinced that there is a supernatural evil threatening their lives. The suspicion grows when Hanne finds an abandoned, secret basement room.

Hanne is brutally attacked in the basement but manages to escape, so the group barricade the door. Have they managed to detain a violent killer, and if so who is it? The mystery of what happened to Jessan is making the atmosphere increasingly desperate. Hanne’s wish to leave is ignored when Osvald disappears. Hanne, Mette and Frank leave the facility, but they get stuck and are in danger of freezing to death in the paralysing cold. Johan’s brother Lippi hears sounds that suggest that Osvald may be locked up in the cellar. He finally manages to find a way down and is greeted by…

The theories about who or what is behind the terrible events at Black Lake are sharply divided. Is it an evil curse? Lovers Johan and Hanne are now as far apart as you can get and she clings to Jostein. Hanne finds evidence that the resort’s history is far darker than she first imagined. Meanwhile, Elin’s eye is inflamed and Hanne claims that is a sign of the curse. Does it mean that she has to kill or be killed?

Mette’s suspicions of Dag grow stronger after the fire in the basement, while Hanne is still convinced that the resort is cursed. Johan also finds evidence that the recent events were not accidents. Mette sneaks past Dag and Jostein down into the mysterious basement to find out what’s going on down there. When Johan finds out what is going on, he has only one thought in his mind – revenge.

Hanne asks Jostein what happened and realises that the curse theory might be true. Together with Mette they carry out another seance and Hanne is attacked by a new force. Now, Hanne’s life really is at stake, and she knows that the solution is in the hidden room in the basement. But will she be able to save herself and the others before it is too late?