Borderliner | Grenseland – Season 1


Testifying against a corrupt colleague, police detective Nikolai Andreassen stands against corruption. But when a possible murder in his home town involves his own family, he is faced with a major dilemma.

Nikolai tries to cover up his brother’s involvement in the case, but Anniken suspects that there is more to it than meets the eye and continues her investigation. Nikolai discovers that Lars has lied and that his father is also linked to the case.

Anniken suspects that the blood on the fence was planted. Nikolai gets an old friend to lie for him. Lars meets misfortune whilst trying to cover his tracks. And what has happened to Ove, the key witness who can identify Lars?

As Anniken closes in on Ove, Bengt and Nikolai try to direct his escape. Divers search the river while forensic experts comb through Ove’s houseboat.

Ove’s girlfriend visits the station to speak with Anniken. Realizing he must stop Bengt, Nikolai goes on the offensive, but Bengt strikes back hard.

The drug dealers capture Bengt, resulting in an unexpected turn of events. Lars confesses to the police. Nikolai is given a new piece of evidence.

Eva asks Josef to do one last drug run from Sweden to pay his debt to her. Monitoring phone activity for coded texts, Nikolai prepares to make a bust.

Eva decides to get rid of all loose ends linked to her drug operations. Nikolai learns the whole truth about his father’s connection to Tommy’s death.