Pillow to Post


Jean Howard - Ida Lupino
Colonel Michael Otley - Sydney Greenstreet
Lieutenant Don Mallory - William Prince
Captain Jack Ross - Stuart Erwin
Earl 'Slim' Clark - Johnny Mitchell
Mrs. Grace Wingate - Ruth Donnelly
Mrs. Kate Otley - Barbara Brown
Clayfield Taxi Driver - Frank Orth
Mrs. Mallory, Don's Mother - Regina Wallace
Lucille, Colonial Auto Court Porter - Willie Best
Orchestra Leader - Louis Armstrong
Wilbur (uncredited) - Robert Blake
Gertrude Wilson (uncredited) - Joyce Compton
First Motorcycle Cop (uncredited) - William Conrad
Herself - Vocalist (uncredited) - Dorothy Dandridge
Loolie Fisher (uncredited) - Carol Hughes
Alex, Coast Oil Flunky (uncredited) - Grady Sutton

Director - Vincent Sherman
Screenplay - Charles Hoffman
Director of Photography - Wesley Anderson
Theatre Play - Rose Simon Kohn
Matte Painter - Paul Detlefsen