Dr. Strange


Dr. Stephen Strange - Peter Hooten
Wong - Clyde Kusatsu
Morgan LeFay - Jessica Walter
Clea Lake - Anne-Marie Martin
Dr Frank Taylor, Chief of Psychiatry - Philip Sterling
Thomas Lindmer - John Mills
Sarah - June Barrett
Nurse - Sarah Rush
Head Nurse - Diana Webster
Intern - Bob Delegall
Magician - Larry Anderson
Department Chief - Blake Marion
Mrs. Sullivan - Lady Rowlands
Announcer - Ines Pedroza
Taxi Driver - Michael Clark
The Nameless One - David Hooks
Demon Balzaroth (voice) - Ted Cassidy
The Ancient One (voice) - Michael Ansara
Orderly - Frank Catalano

Art Direction - William H. Tuntke
Characters - Stan Lee
Consulting Producer - Stan Lee
Characters - Steve Ditko
Associate Producer - Gregory Hoblit
Original Music Composer - Paul Chihara
Director - Philip DeGuere
Writer - Philip DeGuere
Costume Design - Yvonne Wood
Producer - Alex Beaton
Set Decoration - Marc E. Meyer Jr.
Director of Photography - Enzo A. Martinelli
Editor - Christopher Nelson
Executive Producer - Philip DeGuere Jr.