Author Of Minnesota Trilogy Readies New Mystery

University Of Minnesota Press has announced that Vidar Sundstøl's latest novel, The Devil's Wedding Ring, will be published in an English translation by Tiina Nunnally on 26th September 2017. On Midsummer Eve in 1985, a young folklore researcher disappears from Eidsborg in Telemark. Exactly thirty years later, a student goes missing who had also been researching pagan rituals at the 13th century village church. Then former police officer Knut Abrahamsen is found drowned in a nearby river, presumed suicide. Private investigator Max

Jens Assur’s Debut Ravens To Compete At San Sebastian

Jens Assur's adaptation of Tomas Bannerhed's August Prize winning novel Ravens (Korparna) has been selected to compete for the Kutxabank New Directors Award and €50,000 at the 65th San Sebastian Film Festival (22-30 September 2017). A hard-working farmer in 1970s Småland struggles to put food on the table, and his young son Klas can only watch as despair consumes his father. But while Klas dreams of migrating birds - of escape - his father expects him to take on the farm

Filming Begins On Second Film In Håkan Nesser Trilogy

Director Daniel Alfredson’s second feature film in a trilogy based on the novels by Håkan Nesser, entitled Intrigo: Dear Agnes, is set to begin filming this week in Belgium, Serbia and Slovenia. The Intrigo trilogy is set in an undefined country somewhere in northern Europe, and is said to deal with the problems of escape, dark hidden secrets destined to surface, and the concepts of guilt, revenge and atonement. Intrigo: Dear Agnes stars Carla Juri (Wetlands) and Gemma Chan (Humans), and filming

The Flatey Enigma Picked Up By Nordic State Broadcasters

Sagafilm’s four-part adaptation of Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson's best-selling novel The Flatey Enigma (Flateyjargáta) for Icelandic state broadcaster RÚV has been picked up by DR in Denmark, YLE in Finland, NRK in Norway, and SVT in Sweden. Adapted by Margrét Örnólfsdóttir (Prisoners), the series is set in 1970 on the small island of Flatey, where a Professor of Nordic Studies is accused of murder. To exonerate herself, she must solve a riddle in a medieval manuscript known as the Flatey Enigma, and

Francesco Carrozzini To Direct Jo Nesbø’s Midnight Sun

Deadline reports that Italian production company Cattleya (Gomorra) has picked up the rights for an English language adaptation of Jo Nesbø's novel Midnight Sun, with Francesco Carrozzini confirmed to direct. In Midnight Sun, Jon is a former hit man for notorious drug kingpin The Fisherman who flees to an isolated corner of Norway, to a mountain town so far north that the sun never sets, in the hope of finding sanctuary with a local religious sect. Hiding out in a shepherd’s cabin