Stella Blomkvist: A Sexy Sam Spade With A Law Degree

Óskar Thór Axelsson, one of the directors of Trapped (Ófærð) has been brought on board by Sagafilm to oversee an adaptation of the Stella Blomkvist novels which follows a hard-nosed lawyer who takes on mysterious murder cases and delves into the murky waters of Icelandic politics. The first book by the pseudonymous Stella Blomkvist, The Murder in the Ministry, will form the basis for the first series. Jóhann Ævar Grímsson, head writer for the series told Variety: "She manages, somehow, to

Hans Petter Moland Readies Script For Out Stealing Horses

Per Petterson has won numerous awards for Ut Og Stjæle Heste (Out Stealing Horses) since it was published in 2003, and has since been translated into more than 50 languages. Now it is set to be a film written and directed by Hans Petter Moland. In Out Stealing Horses we meet 67 year old widower Trond who has moved to a small rural community with his dog after losing his second wife. Here he plans to celebrate the millennium alone. But

Gentlemen and Gangsters Mini Series Set For The New Year

After the massive success of his feature film Gentlemen in 2014, Michael Marcimains has now turned his attention towards a full TV adaptation of Klas Östergren's novels, Gentlemen and Gangsters. Östergren has said that the series will be "the definitive version of this story." On New Year's Day the miniseries Gentlemen & Gangsters will premiere on SVT in Sweden. The cast includes David Dencik, Ruth Vega Fernandez and Sverrir Gudnasson. Beaten up, bruised, and scared, a young writer hides in a Stockholm

Jo Nesbo’s Snowman Heading To Norway

It is no secret that an American adaptation of Jo Nesbø's bestseller The Snowman is in pre-production. However, whilst Stockholm has long been in the running, the recent announcement of tax breaks for film and TV in Norway has ensured that the Working Title's vision to shoot exterior scenes there will soon be realised. Former culture commissioner Hallstein Bjercke said in a statement: "I announce that the production of The Snowman will be located in Oslo. This is something that I

New Millennium Book Prompted Mankell To Change Will

It was announced yesterday that David Lagercrantz would write a further two books in the Millennium series. The original trilogy was authored by Stieg Larsson, but he never knew of his books' enormous popularity because he died of a heart attack in 2004, just before The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was published. Then, two years ago, it was announced that David Lagercrantz would write a fourth book in the series (The Girl in the Spider’s Web) with the approval of Larsson's father and