The Truth Will Out To Premiere Next Month

The Truth Will Out (Det som göms i snö), an eight-part psychological thriller written by Aron Levander and Hans Jörnlind, based on an idea by Swedish criminologist Leif GW Persson, premieres next month on Kanal 5, Peter Wendel (Robert Gustafsson) returns to the police force after a period of sickness to head up a new Cold Case Unit. However, as he begins to recruit it becomes clear that he isn't forming a super group, but a place to dump misfits

Harry Hole Thriller Knife Confirmed For 2019

The twelfth instalment in Jo Nesbø's bestselling Harry Hole crime thrillers, Knife, will launch on 11th July 2019. The new book follows on from the dramatic conclusion of The Thirst, in which a serial killer had begun targeting Tinder users, and whose modus operandi reignited Harry’s hunt for a nemesis from his past. Knife finds Harry Hole waking up with a ferocious hangover, his hands and clothes covered in blood. Not only is Harry about to come face to face with an

The Court | Réttur – Season 1

OVERVIEW | NEWS | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 1. Logi is a brilliant lawyer, but with a manslaughter conviction, jail-time and an alcohol problem he finds it difficult to make partner at the firm he's working for. 2. Logi and Hordur join forces to take down a cult leader, while Brynhildur defends a local madam charged with running a brothel. Drinking heavily, Logi hooks up with Vigga. 3. A ghost from Logi's past contacts him with a surprising request. After being viciously attacked, with much

Deadwind | Karppi

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST Starring: Pihla Viitala, Lauri Tilkanen, Jani Volanen 2018. Returning Series When Sofia Karppi, a detective in her 30’s who is trying to get over her husband’s death, discovers the body of a young woman on a construction site, she triggers a chain of events that threatens to destroy her life all over again. Struggling to be both the single mom her two grieving teenagers need and the brave detective she must be to solve the case, she can’t help