Paprika Steen In Modus Season Two This November

Modus season two, which premieres 2nd November on streaming service C More, will star Paprika Steen (Below The Surface) as police commissioner Alva Roos. In the second season of Modus, US President Helen Tyler (Kim Cattrall) is on a state visit to Stockholm when she mysteriously disappears, resulting in a power struggle between a panic-stricken US and Sweden as the threat to one of the world’s most powerful people rocks the whole world. Police commissioner Roos (Paprika Steen) spearheads the investigation,

Gåsmamman Returns To C More For Season Three

C More has announced that the third season of Gåsmamman (Mother Goose), which earned Alexandra Rapaport Best Actress at Kristallen 2017, will premiere September 28th. In season three, Sonja (Alexandra Rapaport) is out of jail and has begun a new life in safety away from the world that cost so many their lives. Along with her new love John, she has built her dream home and can at last leave her turbulent and painful past behind her. But despite wanting to keep

Norwegian Monster Picked Up By Starz For The US

Seven-part Norwegian crime thriller Monster, which won the European Script Award last week and has been nominated for the Prix Europa, has been picked up by premium cable service Starz in the US. In Monster, Joel Dreyer (Jakob Oftebro) is sent from Oslo to a remote religious community in Finnmark after the disappearance of a young girl, where he collaborates with local investigator Hedda Gilbert (Ingvild Holthe Bygdnes). Their personalities immediately clash and, as the case begins to spiral

Hassel Transforms Stockholm Metro Into Art Exhibition

Stills and artwork for Viaplay ten-part thriller Hassel, starring Ola Rapace as iconic Swedish police investigator Roland Hassel, have been turned into an art exhibition by Jocke Jonasson at the Odenplan metro station in Stockholm. In the series, Roland Hassel's boss and mentor, Yngve Ruda, is brutally murdered in the street. Consumed by grief and rage, Hassel gathers together his closest allies from the Triton police unit to find Ruda's killer and avenge his death. But the deeper Hassel investigates into Ruda's

Quicksand To Be First Original Swedish Netflix Drama

Netflix has announced that Quicksand (Störst av Allt) will be its first original Swedish production, adapted by Camilla Ahlgren (The Bridge) from the novel by Malin Persson Giolito. In Quicksand, a mass shooting takes place at a prep school in Stockholm’s wealthiest suburb and high school student Maja Norberg finds herself on trial for murder. But as the events of that tragic day are revealed, so too is her relationship with Sebastian Fagerman and his dysfunctional family. Erik Barmack, VP of International