OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 | SOUNDTRACK Starring: Moa Gammel, Göran Ragnerstam, Richard Forsgren 2015. Returning Series Seven years after the disappearance of her daughter Josefine, police investigator Eva Thörnblad is still trying to cope with the grief of her loss. Even though her daughter was said to have drowned, Eva knows in her heart that someone took her child on that fateful day by the Silverhöjd lake. When a young boy goes missing in the same forest

Viva Hate

OVERVIEW | NEWS | SEASON 1 Starring: Tom Ljungman, Wilhelm Johansson, Mandus Berg 2014. Series Ended Viva Hate takes place against the backdrop of the Gothenburg music scene in the late 1980s. Daniel is an unwanted lovechild from a one-night stand and is ignored by his mother in favour of his petty criminal brother, Tommy. He thinks that love is a lie and those who love are idiots. He thinks only of Morrissey, friendship with fellow rock band members of Viva Hate and

The Killing | Forbrydelsen

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 | SEASON 3 | SOUNDTRACK Starring: Sofie Gråbøl, Lars Mikkelsen, Søren Malling 2007. Series Ended Head of investigations, Sarah Lund, is about to emigrate with her fiancé to take up a post with the Swedish police, but when 19-year-old Nanna Birk Larsen is found raped and brutally murdered, her plans are put on hold. Alongside her replacement, Detective Inspector Jan Meyer, Sarah heads the investigation as it soon becomes clear


OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 Starring: Jon Øigarden, Laura Christensen, Nils Ole Oftebro 2014. Returning Series The first season of Mammon follows six days in the life of uncompromising journalist, Peter Verås (Jon Øigarden), who works for Norway s most respected newspaper. In a dense, multi-layered plot reminiscent of All The President s Men, Verås uncovers evidence of a financial fraud involving Norway s political and financial elite evidence that points to his own brother. He then makes

The Legacy | Arvingerne

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 | SEASON 3 | SOUNDTRACK Starring: Trine Dyrholm, Jesper Christensen, Carsten Bjørnlund 2014. Series Ended The Legacy is a modern family portrait which tells the story of four siblings trying to cope with their mother's death which has turned all of their lives upside down. The Legacy starts out at the legendary manor Grønnegaard on southern Funen, where the internationally renowned artist Veronika Grønnegaard has lived an eccentric and colorful life since the