Swedish Dicks – Season 1

1. Ingmar is ready to give up on being a private detective when the case of a stolen computer leads him to the incredibly energetic DJ Axel - and it's not just irritation that's awakened in him. 2. It's time for Axel to show what he has going for him as a private detective when he and Ingmar get a classic jealousy case. Axel is also challenged to a duel by Ingmar's arch rival. 3. Ingmar and Axel take a job with an advertising agency

Tellus – Season 1

OVERVIEW | NEWS | SEASON 1 1. A pub discussion among the five members of Tellus ("Earth" in Latin) about the best strategy to save the planet results in the bombing of an Arctic Mining Co. installation. Taneli, who has recently recovered from a stroke, heads the police investigation but, with no clues, there is little progress. With mounting pressure from his superiors he questions Alex and two other members of an environmental group engaging in street protests. 2. The next Tellus action knocks

Below The Surface | Gidseltagningen – Season 1

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 1. One morning in early autumn, three heavily armed men hijack a subway car with 15 hostages. Philip Nørgaard, head of PET's Terror Task Force, spearheads negotiations to free the hostages. The news spreads quickly across the Danish media. TV presenter Naja Toft is trying to learn more about the situation when she is unexpectedly contacted by hostage taker 'Alfa' who offers her a direct line to the hostages. 2. Naja, who has been sacked after

Farang – Season 1

OVERVIEW | NEWS | SEASON 1 1. Swede Rickard lives a secluded life in semi-criminal circles in Thailand. One day his daughter Thyra, who he has not seen in ten years, suddenly appears and turns his entire life upside down. 2. After getting his daughter out of prison, Rickard hopes that all his problems are solved and that she will return home to Sweden, but then Thyra brings new revelations that make Rickard realise that there is no way back. 3. Thyra, who is furious after