The Court | Réttur – Season 2

OVERVIEW | NEWS | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 1. Logi is still coming to terms with his past, and he isn't the only one. Rebekka, clearly still mourning, attacks Logi and his woes continue in the courtroom. 2. Logi helps defend his local pharmacy from being taking over. Meanwhile, Kari finds the missing piece he needs to take down an infamous drug lord but it’s not without consequences. 3. Brynhildur throws herself into her work after receiving a string of devastating news. Logi defends

Rita – Season 4

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 | SEASON 3 | SEASON 4 1. Rita reluctantly takes a new job at the school she attended as a teen in her hometown, where she runs into an old classmate who is less than welcoming. 2. Rita, who hates cooking, struggles to fill in as a home economics teacher. Hjørdis tries to help Allan overcome his fears about an upcoming field trip. 3. A bomb threat scares the whole school -- except Rita. Hjørdis

The Court | Réttur – Season 1

OVERVIEW | NEWS | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 1. Logi is a brilliant lawyer, but with a manslaughter conviction, jail-time and an alcohol problem he finds it difficult to make partner at the firm he's working for. 2. Logi and Hordur join forces to take down a cult leader, while Brynhildur defends a local madam charged with running a brothel. Drinking heavily, Logi hooks up with Vigga. 3. A ghost from Logi's past contacts him with a surprising request. After being viciously attacked, with much

Home Ground | Heimebane – Season 1

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 1. Varg FC has been promoted to the top division in Norwegian football but, shortly before the season begins, the team is left without a coach. Helena Mikkelsen is experienced but she is a woman, and women do not train male football players. However, she believes that she is more than capable, but to secure the job she must outperform a former professional with coaching ambitions. 2. Helena has become coach of the newly promoted Varg

Cover Story | Pressa – Season 2

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 1. A Filipino woman dies in a fire caused by arson and links to an anti-immigration group emerge. Lara's daughter, Alda, starts socialising with some very shady characters. 2. Alda goes missing. Is her boyfriend, Isak, involved? The ant-immigration group declares war, and a bomb goes off in the Breidholt suburb where many immigrants live. 3. Lara investigates the Breidholt Filipino community where one shop owner seems to have the community in a vice-like grip.