Babylon Berlin

OVERVIEW | CAST & CREW | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 Starring: Volker Bruch, Liv Lisa Fries, Peter Kurth 2017. Returning series Berlin, spring 1929. A metropolis in turmoil. From economy to culture, politics to the underworld – everything is in the grip of radical change. Speculation and inflation are already tearing away at the foundations of the still young Weimar Republic. Growing poverty and unemployment stand in stark contrast to the excesses and indulgence of the city’s night life and its overflowing creative


OVERVIEW | CAST & CREW | SEASON 1 Starring: Sagamore Stévenin, Clément Manuel, Mathilde Lebrequier 2013. Returning series 24-year-old Detective Alexandre Falco has it all, a loving wife, a new-born daughter and his dream job. But one day out in the field, he is shot in the head. Everything goes dark. Falco opens his eyes again 22 years later to a changed world, where everything he once had is no longer as it was. His wife has made a new life. His daughter is

Spin | Les hommes de l’ombre

OVERVIEW | CAST & CREW | SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 | SEASON 3 Starring: Emmanuel Daucé, Charline de Lépine, Dan Franck 2012. Ended Spin is a political thriller that brings us deep in the heart of a tension filled political campaign. Games of power, reason, hate and love: these Spin doctors will go to any lengths to see their candidate win. In series 1, France is in shock: the President s been assassinated. Behind the scenes, politicians are already campaigning for the special

Resistance | Résistance

OVERVIEW | CAST & CREW | SEASON 1 Starring: Pauline Burlet, Tom Hudson, Jean-Baptiste Lagnié 2014. Series Ended Paris, 1940. Revolted by the injustice of the Occupation, seventeen-year-old Lili joins a group of resistance fighters to fight the Germans and their French collaborators. The young combatants expose themselves to the relentless might of the enemy, and set up resistance networks that ultimately lead to the liberation of Paris in August 1944. TRAILER:

Vanished by the Lake | Le Mystère du lac

OVERVIEW | CAST & CREW | SEASON 1 Starring: Marie-Anne Chazel, Lannick Gautry, Barbara Schulz 2015. Returning Series When Lise Stocker returns to her home town to care for her mother who has Alzheimer's, she doesn't expect to be confronted with her past... but then, a 16 year old disappears after the village festival. Fifteen years ago, almost to the day, Lise's two best friends disappeared in the same way, without a trace. Is there a connection, and what will Lise discover about her