Roland Møller Backs Valhalla Over Jackie Chan

In August, Roland Møller will be reunited with director Fenar Ahmad (Darkland) to begin filming a live action adaptation of Peter Madsen's Valhalla series of comic books, in which he will play Thor. However, he has revealed that a competing job offer from Jackie Chan tested his commitment to the project. Roland Møller explained to Ritzau: "I just had to say no to a Jackie Chan movie with the largest fee that I have ever been offered because I promised to

Filip Alexanderson Fantasy To Be Hidden By Viaplay

MTG Studios has announced Hidden, an eight part drama for Viaplay starring August Wittgenstein (The Crown) and Izabella Scorupco (Goldeneye), where dark secrets, unsuspected identities and supernatural forces converge against the backdrop of modern day Stockholm. Based on the novel Förstfödd by Filip Alexanderson, a law student is working on building sites to support his sick mother when he is involved in a serious accident. From that moment on his life is turned upside down. It becomes clear that he is

The Ash Lad Confirmed For Trilogy Of Folklore

Maipo Film has announced that Askeladden – i Dovregubbens hall (The Ash Lad: In the Hall of the Mountain King), which opened in Norway on Friday, will be the first in a trilogy costing 180 million kroner. In The Ash Lad, Espen Askeladd (Vebjørn Enger), a poor farmer's son embarks on a dangerous quest with his brothers to save Princess Kristin (Eili Harboe) from the Mountain King troll, and use the reward to save the family farm from ruin. The original tale

Lars Wilderäng’s Stjärnklart In Development For SVT

In an interview with Dagens Nyheter, author Lars Wilderäng has revealed that the first in his dystopian trilogy, Stjärnklart, is on course to become a TV series produced by Bob Film for SVT. In Stjärnklart, electronics have no immune system. There is something wrong with the increasing number of mobile phones being sent for repair. They are stone dead. At the same time there are a series of unexplained events across the country, shop shelves are empty, summer colds are getting

Wallander Producer Backs The Immortal Midnights

UK indie producer Nevision and Danish production house Good Company Films have teamed up to co-develop Midnights, a new ten part political thriller created by Anna Reeves, set against an emerging Cold War in the Arctic. The immortal Midnights are the result of ancient microbes in the polar ice that have a symbiotic relationship with the human body. The microbes make the Midnights disease resistant, stop ageing, stop sleeping, and can even regenerate limbs. However, the curse of the Midnights