Ali Abbasi’s Horror Debut Shelley To Premiere In Berlin

Ali Abbasi's debut feature, the psychological horror movie Shelley starring Cannes award winning actress Cosmina Stratan, is to receive its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival (11th-21st February). Shelley follows Louise and Kasper, a Danish couple who live in an isolated villa in the middle of the forest away from modern life, technology and even electricity. Louise's dream is to become a mother but she is unable to have children. Out of desperation, Louise decides to enter into a pact with

A Wonderful Christmas With Ove Saves Swedish Cinema

Ticket sales for local films decreased from 25% to 20% of total box office receipts in Sweden during 2015. This is a fall of 800,000 from 4.1 million in 2014 to 3.3 million in 2015. In November the figures were significantly worse with a record low of 15% of ticket sales being for Swedish films. However, the extraordinary success of A Holy Mess (En underbar jävla jul) and A Man Called Ove (En man som heter Ove) pushed the average for

Fire Service Rescues Kindergarten From The Snowman

Osloby reports that police and firefighters were called to Tørtberg Kindergarten near Vigeland Park in Oslo on Tuesday due to concerns about air pollution. Several trucks were stood with their engines idling whilst filming for The Snowman took place in the park. Elin Kindem, head of Tørtberg Kindergarten said: "We were a bit taken by surprise and did not know there was going to be so many trucks and vans... It was decided that the children should stay inside because of

Questions Remain Over Tax Breaks For The Snowman

On October 8th, Norway announced a pot of a NOK 45 million to provide a 25% tax break for TV and film production. However, with the deadline for 2016 applications closing at midnight there are still questions as to how this will be allocated, although it does not currently seem like The Snowman has any competition. "Only The Snowman has applied, but we have received several calls from potential applicants, so there could be a couple by the deadline on Thursday

Tom Hooper To Become An Honorary Dragon In Göteborg

Director Tom Hooper, whose Oscar nominated film The Danish Girl is to receive its Swedish premiere at the Göteborg Film Festival, will receive the 2016 Honorary Dragon Award. Hooper will visit Gothenburg during the festival to receive his award. Tom Hooper got his big breakthrough with The King's Speech in 2010, which was nominated for twelve Oscars and won four, including Best Director. In 2012 Les Misérables received eight Oscar nominations and won three. His latest feature, The Danish Girl, has