Council Of Europe Protests Boycott Of The Danish Girl

Last month Qatar banned Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl from cinemas after social media protests declared the film depraved. Since then the Gulf states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates have also blacklisted the Oscar contender. Tom Hooper said: "I'm incredibly sorry that some countries find it necessary to stop a movie like this. It is a touching love story about a couple who are undergoing transformation in their relationship and manage it with kindness and great

Rolf Lassgård: I Have Not Lived A Life Paved With Ladies

Rolf Lassgård, Guldbagge winner for his role in the hugely successful A Man Named Ove (En man som heter Ove) which rescued Swedish cinema in 2015, has appeared on Kristoffer Triumf's podcast Värvet in which he talks about his relationship with women. When asked how he feels about being a sex symbol, Rolf says: "I was very surprised when it happened - I have not really lived a life paved with ladies, but rather the opposite. I have lived a life

State Demands More Women In Norwegian Film Industry

Berlingske reports that the Director of the Norwegian Film Institute, Sindre Guldvog, has praised Parliament's target of 40% for women in Norwegian film to be employed as directors, scriptwriters and producers. Until now the ratio has varied from year to year, but was as low as 15% in 2008. The NFI is currently preparing a plan as to how female representation can be improved in the film industry, but in the meantime a quota system is being deployed whereby film projects

Welcome To Norway Sells Ahead Of Gothenburg Premiere

Beta Cinema's Welcome To Norway has been sold to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy ahead of its world premiere at the Gothenburg Film Festival. It is expected that France and the UK will also close deals soon. Welcome to Norway is about a hotel in the mountains that is turned into a reception centre for refugees. Producer Sigve Endresen says: "Sometimes it is amazing how the truth of a story can sync up with the timing of production. We worked on

Snow Cannons Ready As The Snowman Begins To Melt

Since filming of The Snowman began in Oslo last Monday, it has become a sensation across Norway's media. However, as the snow begins to thaw across the city, the production faces some challenges. When the first scenes were filmed last Monday in Vigeland Park it was icy cold with temperatures of minus 15 degrees, and snow reaching a depth of 16cm. This trend continued as the film crew moved on to Skøyen and Bjørvika where there was up to 20cm