Rolf Lassgård Becomes A Man Called Ove On Christmas Day

Fredrik Backman's best-selling book A Man Called Ove has sold nearly 800,000 copies and the film adaptation starring Rolf Lassgård is expected to be a hit when it premieres on Christmas Day. Lassgård plays 59-year-old Ove, who several years earlier was deposed as president of the condominium association. Still, he cares deeply about his neighbourhood and rules it with an iron fist. When the heavily pregnant Parvaneh family move into the terraced house opposite him and reverses into Ove's mailbox, it is a

Lisa Aschan: “The Greatest Threat To Mankind Is Man Himself”

Dystopian sci-fi movie The Deposit (Det Vita Folket), released 27th November, portrays an underground detention center and explores the power struggles created by its claustrophobic environment. Director Lisa Aschan talks about her latest project. "I wanted it to feel like being in a spaceship. Being trapped in something and not be able to get out; we are in a system. That the greatest threat to mankind is man himself," says director Lisa Aschan. The idea for the film came about after Aschen

Norway’s Masters Degree In Horror Screenwriting Produces First Feature

Archipelago (Skjærgården) is a Norwegian horror movie due to hit cinemas 8th January 2016. Media and Communications lecturer at Oslo University College, Frode Nordås, filmed, directed, edited and distributed the film, whilst the script was written by Jon Anders Klausen as part of his Masters degree in horror screenwriting. Klausen says: "I wrote my Master's thesis in Spring 2010. It is a practical and theoretical study, so half of the course requires some form of (movie) production. When I chose to

Don Juan Makes History For Sweden With IDFA Win

The winners have been announced in Amsterdam for the 28th IDFA’s Awards. Jerzy Sladkowski’s Don Juan has won the VPRO IDFA Award for Best Feature Length Documentary, making it the first Swedish film to win the prestigious award. In Don Juan, twenty-two year old Oleg doesn’t live up to his mother Marina’s idea of a real man. She thinks he’s an autistic loafer. He’s enrolled at the University of Nizhny Novgorod and is supposed to be watching online lectures, but his

Danish Refugee Documentary Takes IDFA Prize

Danish director Andreas Koefoed has won the IDFA Award for Best Mid-Length Documentary for his film about asylum children in Denmark. The Danish documentary A Home In The World (Et Hjem I Verden) follows five asylum children's daily lives in a Red Cross Asylum school in Lynge. The film was up against 14 other films from more than 10 different countries. "It is a significant recognition of Koefoeds work," says producer Sara Stockman from Force Of Nature. "At the same time, it