1864 Prompts Call For Broadcaster To Employ Historians

Jyllands Posten reports that the Danish People's Party has called for Danish broadcaster DR to employ historians for feedback and advice when producing historical dramas. They claim that this will avoid politicising interpretations of the past, which 1864 has been widely accused of. "Decent artists empathise with the period and its terms. You do not read anything into a project to attack others, as history and art should be without prejudice... Therefore, I believe that in the future history consultants should

The Snowman May Prevent Downsizing In Norway

In the autumn Alexander Payne is due to begin filming Downsizing, starring Matt Damon. The movie is a social satire that follows a man who decides that he could have a better life if he shrinks himself. Exteriors for Downsizing will certainly be shot in Norway, but it is feared that The Snowman could hamper plans for a wider production presence. Both films have applied for the newly created incentive scheme but some believe that The Snowman may already have been

UK Premiere Date Confirmed For Kormákur’s Trapped

Trapped (Ófærð), directed by Baltasar Kormákur, is the most expensive Icelandic TV drama ever produced with a budget of around $7.5m and will premiere on BBC Four in the UK on Saturday 13th February. The 10 part series directed by Baltasar Kormakur is set in a small Icelandic town where a mutilated body is found in the bay shortly after a Danish ferry comes into port. Reasoning that the body may have been dumped from the ship, police chief Andri (Olafur

Charlotte Perrelli To Stand Down As Host Of Melodifestivalen

On 13th February singer Charlotte Perrelli was due to co-host the Malmö heat of Melodifestivalen. However, she has inadvertently broken Sweden's broadcasting rules by appearing in a commercial for Comviq within two weeks of the event so has been forced to stand down. Charlotte Perrelli said in a statement: "I can only point out that we have done everything according to the agreement in which we included all of my promotional work and was authorised by SVT." "But it is of course

Council Of Europe Protests Boycott Of The Danish Girl

Last month Qatar banned Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl from cinemas after social media protests declared the film depraved. Since then the Gulf states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates have also blacklisted the Oscar contender. Tom Hooper said: "I'm incredibly sorry that some countries find it necessary to stop a movie like this. It is a touching love story about a couple who are undergoing transformation in their relationship and manage it with kindness and great