Rolf Lassgård: I Have Not Lived A Life Paved With Ladies

Rolf Lassgård, Guldbagge winner for his role in the hugely successful A Man Named Ove (En man som heter Ove) which rescued Swedish cinema in 2015, has appeared on Kristoffer Triumf's podcast Värvet in which he talks about his relationship with women. When asked how he feels about being a sex symbol, Rolf says: "I was very surprised when it happened - I have not really lived a life paved with ladies, but rather the opposite. I have lived a life

Spring Tide And The Most Forbidden To Air In March

SVT has announced that its latest dramas Spring Tide and The Most Forbidden will air on Sunday March 6th and Friday March 25th respectively. Both series receive their world premiere today at the Goteborg Film Festival as part of the Nordic Lights strand which puts the spotlight on Nordic television. Springtide | Springfloden Spring Tide is a ten part thriller by Rolf and Cilla Börjlind’s (Beck, Arne Dahl) adapted from their own best selling book. A homeless former detective (Kjell Bergqvist)

30 Degrees In February Star Undergoing Cancer Treatment

On Friday, Kjell Wilhelmsen revealed to the magazine programme Go'kväll that he is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. The actor, who plays Glenn in 30 Degrees In February, explained why it took six months for him to seek treatment. Kjell had been living his life relatively normally for six months after noticing a pea sized lump in his breast tissue. However, when he mentioned it to his mother, who was suffering from breast cancer, she told him to seek medical advice. "She

Beck’s New Partner Is Based On Character From Book Series

In an interview with Dagens Nyheter Kristofer Hivju talks about his new role in Beck. Mikael Persbrandt's beloved character Gunvald Larsson was written out of Beck in the last episode, destined for his own spin off. In this Saturday's episode to premiere on C More, police chief Klas Fredén (Jonas Karlsson) brings the charismatic homicide investigator Steinar Hovland (Kristofer Hivju) in from Oslo to partner Martin Beck (Peter Haber). The pair are immediately put to the test when they are sent to

State Demands More Women In Norwegian Film Industry

Berlingske reports that the Director of the Norwegian Film Institute, Sindre Guldvog, has praised Parliament's target of 40% for women in Norwegian film to be employed as directors, scriptwriters and producers. Until now the ratio has varied from year to year, but was as low as 15% in 2008. The NFI is currently preparing a plan as to how female representation can be improved in the film industry, but in the meantime a quota system is being deployed whereby film projects