Peter Naderman To Bring Nordic Noir To Finland

FAVEX reports that acclaimed producer Peter Nadermann (The Bridge, The Killing, Milliennium, Wallander) has signed up to co-develop the upcoming TV drama Bullets with production company Vertigo, and with it aims to bring global success to Finland. Bullets is a character-driven thriller that revolves around two strong women. One is an undercover policewoman who is sent to infiltrate a drug smuggling ring. The other is a Chechen black widow (an Islamist Chechen female suicide bomber) who seeks revenge for her family

A Monster Is Coming

Norway's NRK Drama has just announced a new crime thriller: Monster. The seven part drama is to be directed by Anne Sewitsky (Happy Happy) and Jørgen Johansson (The Bridge) will provide cinematography.. Jakob Oftebro (Kon-Tiki) plays Joel Dreyer, an investigator from Oslo who is sent up north to the region of Finnmark to work on a crime scene. He is a fish out of water in the remote community where he has to collaborate with the youthful local investigator Helle Gilbert

Midnight Sun & Rebecka Martisson Receive Funding

Midnight Sun produced by Nice Drama for SVT, and the Rebecka Martinsson series produced by Yellow Bird for TV4, have both received funding from the Nordisk Film & TV Fond. Both Swedish series are filming at the same time in Kiruna and the Norrbotten region where the snowy and icy landscape provides an ideal setting for moody crime drama. The eight part drama series Midnight Sun (Midnattssol) created by Måns Marlind and Björn Stein from an idea by Henrik Jansson-Schweizer

The Bridge To Be A Museum Exhibition In Malmö

On 27th September, the third season of the hit series The Bridge premieres on SVT, but before that an exhibition of objects, photographs and film scenes from the series can be viewed at the Science and Maritime Museum in Malmö. On 15th September the exhibition opens, entitled "Ett Malmö som inte finns", and is, in truth, more of an installation than exhibition. It will be approximately 10x7m and will take the form of a concrete bunker that one can peer into,

Jordskott Wins Best Drama at Kristallen 2015

Jordskott took the crown in the Best Drama category in Sweden at Kristallen 2015, with Viva Hate delivering Peter Andersson and Lena Endre as Best Actor and Best Actress respectively. Highlights of the nominees and winners (in bold) are as follows: Childrens & Youth Programme Channel Producer Production Company Bacillakuten SVT Maria Boklund SVT Extrema ögonblick SVT Mattias Barsk SVT Julkalendern, Piratskattens hemlighet SVT Nicklas Wikström Nicastro Tre vänner Kändisbarnvakten SVT Emil Ullberger Titan Television Livet i Bokstavslandet UR Patrik Sundström Patrik Sthlm   Documentary Programme Channel Producer Production Company Astrid SVT Kristina Lindström SVT Att skiljas SVT David Herdies Momento Film Brottskod TV3 Pål Hollender STO-CPH Produktion Hunger SVT Charlotte Landelius/Henrik Stockare/Thomas Jackson SVT Ibrahimovic från Rosengård med mer än ett mål Kanal 5 Tomas Axelsson Red Cabin   Reality Programme Channel Producer Production Company Bonde