Epic Saga The Restaurant Returns For Third Season

SVT has commissioned a third season of epic saga The Restaurant (Vår tid är nu) which follows the Löwander family and their restaurant through the decades that follow World War II. The series begins on Peace Day 1945 and centres on the Löwander family who run a prestigious restaurant in Stockholm. Season one covers the years 1945-1950 and season two moves the story on to 1955-1962, while the third season picks up the action in 1968-1971. SVT Head of Drama Anna Croneman

Midnight Sun & Fallet Nominated At C21 Awards

Midnight Sun (Midnattssol) and Fallet have been nominated for the C21 International Drama Awards, which will be voted for by 100 commissioners and buyers at the C21 International Drama Summit in London (November 27-29). Midnight Sun, which won Best New Series at the Roma Fiction Festival and the Audience Award for Best Series at Series Mania, is nominated for Best Non-English Language Drama against 4 Blocks (Germany), Maltese (Italy), Wasteland (Czechoslovakia), Ouro (France) and Your Honour (Israel). The series follows a French

Sven Nordin To Star As Detective William Wisting

Sven Nordin (Valkyrien) will star in Viaplay's forthcoming crime drama Wisting, based on Jørn Lier Horst’s William Wisting novels which have been translated into 30 languages and sold over 1.2 million copies in Norway alone. Empathetic, meticulous and relentless – the only thing to escape Larvik detective William Wisting in his hunt for Norway’s most notorious criminals is a happy family life. And when two mysterious deaths interrupt Wisting’s Christmas, it is the beginning of a showdown with the deadliest killer

NRK Rejects Proposal For Mammon Season Three

Mammon series creators Vegard and Gjermund Stenberg Eriksen have outlined a third season of the Emmy award winning thriller, but have yet to secure a broadcaster after NRK reluctantly rejected their proposal. Head of television for NRK, Arne Helsingen, explained to Dagbladet that they can only produce two or three major series per year, so have passed on a third season of Mammon, but it remains to be seen whether the International Emmy win for Best Drama will prompt a change

Mammon Wins Best Drama International Emmy

During a gala presentation at the Hilton New York on Monday, Mammon season two was declared Best Drama at the 45th International Emmy Awards against Justiça from Brazil, Moribito from Japan, and Wanted from Australia. In Mammon, a well-known and controversial journalist is killed. Norway is in shock. Freedom of expression is under attack and the country fears that terror will strike again. As the story unfolds, the journalist’s wife (Laura Christensen) and Peter Vera (Jon Øigarden) try to unravel what