Heartless & The Bridge Alumni Set For War Movie

Fridthjof Film has announced that Sebastian Jessen (Heartless) and Thure Lindhardt (The Bridge) will star in the forthcoming World War I movie Krig & Kærlighed (War & Love), an epic tale written and directed by Kasper Torsting. Esben (Sebastian Jessen) fakes his own death to escape from the war and be reunited with his beloved wife Kirstine (Rosalinde Mynster) and their son Karl. But after three years apart, everything has changed... A charming German officer (Thure Lindhardt) has taken his place as

Krister Henriksson To Play Transvestite Arms Dealer

Viaplay has announced that Krister Henriksson (Wallander) will play a transvestite arms dealer in Conspiracy Of Silence (Ingen utan skuld), a new eight-part political thriller directed by Charlotte Brändström. The series stars Jens Hultén (Johan Falk) as a former arms dealer forced into exile who returns to Sweden seeking revenge on the man who tried to kill him. Through this central story, the series will explore layers of complex moral issues from the authorities through to the individual. Krister Henriksson plays

Keanu Reeves Confirmed For More Swedish Dicks

Viaplay has announced that Keanu Reeves (John Wick) will reprise his role as Tex, alongside Peter Stormare and Johan Glans, for the second season of Swedish Dicks when it returns in December. Swedish Dicks is a comedy about a former stuntman Ingmar (Peter Stormare) and former DJ Axel (Johan Glans) who start a private investigation agency which tackles some of the strangest cases in LA, including the murder of Ingmar’s old stuntman friend Tex (Keanu Reeves). Keanu Reeves said: "The first season

Sweden Takes A Stand Against Sexual Harassment

Variety reports that the Swedish Film Institute will roll out a programme next year to educate producers and filmmakers about sexual misconduct in the workplace. The one-day course will cover gender equality, sexual harassment and the types of behaviour considered unacceptable. Participants will receive a "green card", and only holders of this will be eligible for funding from the Swedish Film Institute. CEO of the Swedish Film Insitute, Anna Serner, said: "Sexual harassment absolutely needs to defined to draw the line -

Amanda Kernell’s Sámi Blood Wins LUX Film Prize

The European Parliament has unveiled Amanda Kernell’s debut feature Sámi Blood as winner of the 2017 LUX Film Prize, against competition from finalists BPM (Beats Per Minute) by Robin Campillo and Western by Valeska Grisebach. Sami Blood tells the touching and delicate tale of a young Sámi girl who dreams of a different life and distances herself from her community with great anguish because of the racist attitudes they have to face. Lene Cecilia Sparrok and Mia Sparrok, who star in the