Nordic Film Days Lübeck Looks Through Foreign Eyes

Nordic Film Days Lübeck has revealed that for its 59th edition (1 - 5 November) there will be a retrospective looking Through Foreign Eyes, which includes the German premiere of Citizen Schein. For last year’s retrospective, Scandinavians travelled to foreign lands, but this year the focus is on those who have moved to the Nordic countries, and how second and third generation immigrants have used their experiences to explore migration and integration on film. In keeping with that theme, Nordic Film Days

C More Offers Language Tools For New Arrivals

163,000 asylum seekers arrived in Sweden in the autumn of 2015, prompting premium streaming service C More to launch Filmtegration, an initiative aimed at making it easier and more fun to learn the country's language and culture. Svenska för invandrare (Swedish For Immigrants) teachers have found it difficult to use films in course materials due to rights issues and costs, but C More is set to change that. They will make a selection of films available with subtitles in both Arabic

Norwegian Monster Picked Up By Starz For The US

Seven-part Norwegian crime thriller Monster, which won the European Script Award last week and has been nominated for the Prix Europa, has been picked up by premium cable service Starz in the US. In Monster, Joel Dreyer (Jakob Oftebro) is sent from Oslo to a remote religious community in Finnmark after the disappearance of a young girl, where he collaborates with local investigator Hedda Gilbert (Ingvild Holthe Bygdnes). Their personalities immediately clash and, as the case begins to spiral

Team Hurricane Awarded Most Innovative In Venice

Annika Berg's debut Team Hurricane (aka Forever 13), which received its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, has been handed the Verona Film Club Award by The National Union of Italian Film Critics for being the most innovative film at the Critics' Week sidebar. Team Hurricane is an experimental teen drama that celebrates teenage girls who dare to be loud, annoying, vulgar and vulnerable. It tells the story of eight girls who spend the summer together in a youth club,

Hassel Transforms Stockholm Metro Into Art Exhibition

Stills and artwork for Viaplay ten-part thriller Hassel, starring Ola Rapace as iconic Swedish police investigator Roland Hassel, have been turned into an art exhibition by Jocke Jonasson at the Odenplan metro station in Stockholm. In the series, Roland Hassel's boss and mentor, Yngve Ruda, is brutally murdered in the street. Consumed by grief and rage, Hassel gathers together his closest allies from the Triton police unit to find Ruda's killer and avenge his death. But the deeper Hassel investigates into Ruda's