Different Actor Leads One Night In English Version

New romantic comedy drama One Night (En Natt), written and directed by Øystein Karlsen (Dag), has a different lead actor in the Norwegian and English versions. One Night, starring MyAnna Buring (In The Dark), follows a couple in real time as they meet on a blind date. The series was filmed in Norwegian with Anders Baasmo Christiansen (The King’s Choice) as the male lead, but the English version features Gísli Örn Garðarsson (Prisoners) in his place. Øystein Karlsen explained to VG:

Berlinale Shines Spotlight On New Nordic Dramas

DR's adaptation of the Jakob Ejersbo novel Liberty, and NRK sports drama Home Ground (Heimebane), have been invited to premiere at the Berlinale Series sidebar of the Berlin International Film Festival (15 - 25 February). Berlinale Series has selected seven dramas from Australia, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Israel, Norway, and the US that look into the depths of the human soul and prove that resistance to power structures is not only possible, but necessary. They depict reactionary political systems, turmoil in

Bjørg Vik Obituary

Norwegian author and playwright Bjørg Vik, who was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize three times, passed away on Sunday evening at 82 years of age. Bjørg Vik began her career as a journalist for Porsgrunns Dagblad (1956-1960), and made her literary debut in 1963 with the short story collection Søndag ettermiddag (Sunday Afternoon). Her work often reflected upon the ties that bound women to traditional gender roles through the 60s and 70s, and she went on to co-found the feminist

The River | Elven – Season 1

OVERVIEW | NEWS | CAST | SEASON 1 1. A little girl playing in Djupelv finds the remains of a body. The family don't want to get involved so tip off the police anonymously. However, later that day the girl runs off from home and mysteriously disappears. 2. In spite of warnings, Thomas begins investigating Silja's death, and discovers a seemingly abandoned sawmill that holds macabre secrets. 3. During an arrest, a suspect is shot and killed by a recruit before the police get to question

Hellfjord – Season 1

NEWS | SEASON 1 1. Banished to the tiny fishing community of Hellfjord in the far north of the country, disgraced Oslo cop Salmander begins to suspect that the seemingly quiet village and its eccentric inhabitants are harbouring a dark secret. 2. Having found a dead body on the island, Salmander feels sure that it is murder and begins to investigate. There are several suspicious characters in the community but, as an outsider, he gets little help from the locals. 3. Salmander goes undercover in Solvik