Obituary: Morten Grunwald

Danish actor Morten Grunwald, best known as Benny Frandsen from the Olsen Gang films, passed away from thyroid cancer on Wednesday at the age of 83. Born in Odense in 1934, Morten Grunwald graduated from the

Obituary: Torben Jensen

Danish actor Torben Jensen died on Friday, aged 74. His family have not disclosed any further details, except that he was ill for a short period that left him weak at the end. As a young

Obituary: Minken Fosheim

Norwegian actress and children's author Birte Fosheim Wienskol, better known as Minken Fosheim, died on Thursday night at Lovisenberg Hospital after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 62 years of age. After graduating from

Obituary: Jon Michelet

Norwegian author and journalist Jon Michelet lost his battle against cancer on Saturday night. He died, surrounded by close family, at 73 years of age. Since his literary debut in 1975 with Den drukner ei som

Obituary: Barbro “Lill-Babs” Svensson

Swedish singer and actress Lill-Babs, who recently starred in Bonus Family, has passed away after a short illnees at 80 years of age. In early March, she suffered from heart failure, and during her stay