Filming Underway For HBO Nordic Original Gösta

Filming is now underway in the forests of Småland in Southern Sweden for eight-part comedy drama Gösta, written and directed by Lukas Moodysson (Show Me Love), about a child psychologist who moves from the city to a small rural town. Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren) is a 28-year-old child psychologist who gets his first job at BUP in a small town in Småland. He moves from Stockholm and hires a cabin in the middle of the forest. He wants to be the world's

Marcus Lindeen’s The Raft Wins At CPH:DOX

On Friday at CPH:DOX 2018, The Raft by Swedish documentary film maker Marcus Lindeen was named winner of the festival's main competition programme, the DOX:Award. In 1973, five men and six women sailed across the Atlantic on a raft. This voyage was designed by a radical Mexican anthropologist to be both a social experiment and a scientific study of violence, aggression, sex and group behaviour. However, things didn't work out entirely as planned. In The Raft, Marcus Lindeen reunites the crew for

Noomi Rapace Blinded While Filming Stockholm

During an interview on talk show Skavlan on Friday, Noomi Rapace revealed that she was blinded by nasal spray on set of her new film Stockholm, about the 1973 Norrmalmstorg bank robbery which led to the term Stockholm Syndrome. Noomi Rapace said: "I was blinded! I had a chemical burn in both eyes. In one eye I was blind for a week and in the other my sight returned after a couple of days. It was terrible. One of the worst

Bergman & Recht Set For Sthlm Requiem On C More

C More has announced that filming has begun on Sthlm Requiem, a ten-part adaptation of Kristina Ohlsson's best-selling Bergman & Recht crime novels set in the shadows of Stockholm. Sthlm Requiem follows criminologist Fredrika Bergman (Liv Mjønes) who, after a tragic car accident, begins working with the police as an investigative analyst. Her skills are soon recognised by Inspector Alex Recht (Jonas Karlsson), and soon they are working together in a fight against cruel violence and unspeakable evil on the dark

Obituary: Ann-Charlotte Alverfors

Swedish author Ann-Charlotte Alverfors has died after a long period of illness at 71 years of age. As a housewife and new mother, Ann-Charlotte Alverfors began writing seriously at the age of 16, when she began to feel isolated. To further her development, she went on to study at Värnamo College (1968 - 1969), and then on to Jära College (1972–1974). She became famous with the semi-autobiographical Sparvöga trilogy (1975 - 1977) about Getrud Sparvöga, who lives with her parents and grandparents.