SVT Confirm Season Two Storyline Ordered For Jordskott

Expressen reports that they have contacted creator Henrik Bjorn for a status update on Jordskott and were told that he, Alexander Kantsjö and Fredrik Olsson are currently writing scripts for a new season. "We are focussed and moving methodically forward in the room... the universe is really teeming with possibilities. However, nothing is clear in terms of a green light for season two. Again, it is complex." Expressen also spoke to Christian Wikander, SVT Head Of Drama. He confirmed that SVT have

Rolf Lassgård Becomes A Man Called Ove On Christmas Day

Fredrik Backman's best-selling book A Man Called Ove has sold nearly 800,000 copies and the film adaptation starring Rolf Lassgård is expected to be a hit when it premieres on Christmas Day. Lassgård plays 59-year-old Ove, who several years earlier was deposed as president of the condominium association. Still, he cares deeply about his neighbourhood and rules it with an iron fist. When the heavily pregnant Parvaneh family move into the terraced house opposite him and reverses into Ove's mailbox, it is a

Gunvald Opens Door For Tormund Giantsbane To Join Beck

On New Year's Day, Beck returns to C More for the first of four new films. The remaining three films will premiere in February, March and April 2016. The synopsis for the first episode to air is careful not to reference either Beck or Gunvald, yet is actually entitled Gunvald: "Jacob, an investigative journalist, is found dead in his apartment. He has been beaten to death, and a fingerprint from a previous crime is found in the apartment. Jacob's colleague Anna says

An Open Letter From Sofia Helin To Fans Of The Bridge

Sofia Helin has written an open letter which was published on Among other things, Sofia thanks fans of The Bridge, describes Saga Norén's loneliness, and warns against political and religious extremism: "Glad we managed to entertain you during the dark autumn evenings! I am happy, proud and grateful for all the appreciation. The Bridge III is professionally the most demanding and challenging thing I have done so far in my life. Therefore, it is especially gratifying that our efforts touched the

Sofia Helin And The Bridge Win The Double At The C21 Awards

The winners were announced for the prestigious C21 International Drama Awards Show at the BFI in London on Wednesday evening. In excess of 200 programmes were entered this year, with the finalists chosen from votes cast by 70 leading drama commissioners. Best Female Performance: Sofia Helin Sofia Helin, who plays Saga Noren in The Bridge, won the award for Best Female Performance against stiff competition from Gillian Anderson (The Fall), Sharon Rooney (My Mad Fat Diary), Constance Zimmer (UnReal) and Moa Gammel