Casting Call Reveals Plot Details For New Beck Film

It was recently reported that four new Beck films are to be made, which will premiere on C More in 2018. Now production has begun, plot details have emerged regarding one of them. Statist has posted a casting call for Beck, seeking extras who are "colourful and festive". The advert reads: "We're filming the thrilling conclusion to one of our new Beck films. For this we need lots of fun people who like to dance and act. We want to have lots

Norskov Season 2 Begins Filming Next Month

TV2 have confirmed that funding is now in place for a second season of Norskov, which begins filming March 28th and is expected to air this autumn. In Norskov, we follow police officer Tom Noack (Thomas Levin) who returns to the city he left almost 20 years ago to clean up the streets from drugs. The city is raw and unsentimental, and the financial crisis has left its mark, but there is still a lot of community spirit and empowerment. In season

Occupied Season Two Will Take Even Greater Risks

Occupied (Okkupert), which returns for season two this autumn, will take even greater risks than the first according to director Erik Skjoldbjærg. Based on an original idea by ​​Jo Nesbø, the first season of Occupied showed how an environmental disaster led to the election of a Green Prime Minister, bringing to an end the production of gas and oil. An energy crisis ensued in Europe resulting in an EU backed Russian invasion of Norway tasked with resuming production. In the second season,

Sherlock Heads North To Escape Moriarty In 2018

According to Variety, Finnish writer and director Juha Wuolijoki has revealed to TV Drama Vision at the 40th Göteborg Film Festival that he is developing a ten-part series featuring Sherlock Holmes, and approved by the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate, entitled Sherlock North. Based on the 1903 short story The Adventure Of The Empty House, Sherlock Holmes assumes the identity of a Norwegian explorer named Sigerson after faking his own death at the Reichenbach Falls, and travels to Lapland in a

More Dangerous Games Ahead For Gåsmamman

C More has announced that a third season of critically acclaimed thriller Gåsmamman (Mother Goose) will soon begin filming in Stockholm ahead of its premiere in autumn 2017 on C More followed by Kanal 5 in spring 2018. In Gåsmamman, Sonja (Alexandra Rapaport) lives a carefree life with her beloved family, and her husband Frederick's marijuana business gives the family a comfortable income. But one day Sonja's world is shattered and she is forced to play a dangerous game with both