Spring Tide Begins Filming Season Two In Marseille

Season two of Spring Tide (Springfloden), written by Cilla and Rolf Börjlind (Beck), has begun filming in Marseille, with Julia Ragnarsson and Kjell Bergqvist reprising their roles as Olivia Rönning and Tom Stilton. Rönning and Stilton cross paths once more when the murder of a circus performer in Marseille is believed to be linked to the suicide of a customs official. Their investigation leads them into the cynical world of risk capital where serious money is being milked from the Swedish

Sofie Gråbøl Set For Adaptation Of Ejersbo’s Liberty

As principal photography begins in Denmark for Liberty, adapted by Asger Leth from the novel by Jakob Ejersbo, DR has announced casting details for the series directed by Mikael Marcimain (Gentlemen). Set in Tanzania during the 1980s, Liberty follows two young men from very different backgrounds. Christian is the son of Danish ex-pats, while Marcus works as a house boy for a Swedish family and hopes that they will eventually take him back to Europe with them. Their friendship defines a divided

We, The Drowned To Be Adapted For Television

At Cannes this weekend, FilmFyn announced that it was on board as a finance partner with Marlowfilm to develop Carsten Jensen's bestselling novel We, The Drowned (Vi, de druknede) into an eight-part English-language television series. Set in 1848, the story of a motley crew of Danish sailors who set sail from the small island town of Marstal to fight the Germans. Not all of them return - and those who do will never be the same. Among them is daredevil Laurids

Baltasar Kormákur To Direct Nobel Prize Winning Novel

RÚV has agreed a deal with RVK Studios to co-produce both a drama series of between six and eight episodes, and a film adaptation based on Halldór Laxness' Nobel Prize winning novel, Independent People (Sjálfstætt fólk), to be co-written and directed by Baltasar Kormákur (Trapped). Independent People was originally published in two volumes in 1934 and 1935, and deals with the struggle of poor Icelandic farmers in the early 20th century, only freed from debt bondage in the last generation, and

Mark Strong Set To Lead UK Remake Of Valkyrien

Liza Marshall's Hera Pictures has picked up English-language rights to hit Norwegian drama Valkyrien, with Mark Strong (Grimsby) set to take the lead in a remake set in London. A broadcaster has yet to be announced for the project. In the original series, Doctor Ravn (Sven Nordin) is a surgeon desperate to find a cure for his dying wife Vilma (Pia Halvorsen). The hospital had given up on her, so Ravn enters into an alliance with Oslo’s underworld and opens a