Walter Iuzzolino Speaks To The Media Show On Radio 4

Walter Iuzzolino, the titular curator of the new Channel 4 venture Walter Presents, was interviewed by Steve Hewlett for the Media Show on BBC Radio 4 this week. Here are the highlights, but the interview can be heard in full on the BBC website. SH: How did you end up with Walter Presents? WI: I'm not an insane megalomaniac. The name was not my idea. This is just a passion project. I've always loved international drama. I'm Italian so I was raised

Göteborg Film Festival To Highlight Nordic Television

The Göteborg Film Festival has announced that it will include TV series in its line-up from neighbouring Nordic countries along with the world premiere of three Swedish series. “It feels like completely the right time for the Göteborg Film Festival to include TV drama in its programme in a well thought-out and structured way," says the festival’s artistic director, Jonas Holmberg. "We’re happy that we’ve had such a strong response from the Nordic TV industry, which has made it possible for us

New Season Of 30 Degrees To Premiere In February

SVT has announced that the second season of 30 Degrees In February will premiere February 1st, and is partly set in both Gothenburg and Thailand. SVT's project manager, Peter Zell, says: "The story that unfolds in the Gothenburg area is mainly about Glenn and Oh's move to Sweden. It is the culture clash and how Glenn's new Thai life partner is received in Sweden. The portion which is recorded in Thailand will be a bit of a road movie, which means

Season Two Of Ack Värmland Begins Filming In April

Season two of Ack Värmland is to begin recording in April, and Ida Hallquist, who made her acting debut as Mia Skäringer's daughter in the series, says that things look good: "The script is not finished, but we've got an idea of how the story will play out. Everything feels great... it is at least as good as season one." Ack Värmland (international title Small Town Love) stars Mia Skäringer and Ida Hallquist as a working class mother and her daughter

Mikael Persbrandt Thanks Beck Fans For Their Support

The New Year's Day episode of Beck on C More marked the end of an era as Gunvald Larsson bowed out of the series. Mikael Persbrandt has marked the occasion with a special post on his Facebook page to thank his fans for their continued support: "Thank you all for your incredible beautiful response to my role as Gunvald Larsson in the Beck series. In 1996 we did the first movies in the series and since then I have spent over