Russia Invades Norway

A Norwegian television channel says that it will air a fictional TV drama created by celebrated author Jo Nesbo, depicting a Russian invasion of Norway after radical environmentalists seize power and freeze the Scandinavian nation's oil and gas industry. TV2 drama chief Christopher Haug said on Saturday that the 10 episode drama which starts on October 4th is "foremost about Norway and Norwegians, not Russia or Russians." In Occupied (Okkupert), Russia partly occupies Norway to resume the oil industry following a secret

Season Two Of Thicker Than Water To Premiere In 2016

Filming of a second season of SVT drama Thicker Than Water (Tjockare än Vatten) officially began in March, although some scenes were shot early to capitalise on the winter weather. In the first season of Thicker Than Water, siblings Lasse, Oscar and Jonna inherited their mother's guest house on the condition that they run it together for a whole summer. As season two begins Christmas has arrived and bitter memories return to the surface. Director Erik Leijonborg said in an interview with