Wester and Jansson’s School To Open Spring 2016

Filming has begun on a new comedy series to premiere Spring 2016 on TV3 in Sweden. The School (Skolan), produced by Wester and Jansson, is being recorded at Lerbäck School in Lund, and brings together some of Sweden's finest comic performers such as Eva Röse, Johan Wester, Anders Jansson and Anna Blomberg. Anders Jansson says: "It is a series that I have been carrying for a while, because I have three children of different ages. The school is an incredibly comical

The Intoxicating Secret Of Solsidan Revealed

Expressen reports that, in this week's episode of the hit Swedish comedy Solsidan, the cast inhaled nitrous oxide for the class reunion to mimic the effects of alcohol. In the show Alex, Freddie and Ove get rather tipsy at a class reunion, so it was decided to take a method approach to these scenes by inhaling nitrous oxide. Whilst it is usually used for pain relief, nitrous oxide does have a mildly intoxicating effect so adds a feeling of authenticity

SVT Confirm Season Two Storyline Ordered For Jordskott

Expressen reports that they have contacted creator Henrik Bjorn for a status update on Jordskott and were told that he, Alexander Kantsjö and Fredrik Olsson are currently writing scripts for a new season. "We are focussed and moving methodically forward in the room... the universe is really teeming with possibilities. However, nothing is clear in terms of a green light for season two. Again, it is complex." Expressen also spoke to Christian Wikander, SVT Head Of Drama. He confirmed that SVT have

Baltasar Kormákur To Produce Jón Gnarr Comedy

Baltasar Kormákur is set to produce his first comedy series for televison. The Mayor will be a satire based on the life of Jón Gnarr, a comedian who became mayor of Reykjavik. Kormákur’s RVK Studios is making the single camera comedy for Iceland’s Channel 2 with production slated for early 2016. The 10 part series is created by Gnarr, a comedian who in 2009 formed the Best Party to satirise Icelandic politics and ended up defeating the Independence Party. Jón's victory is widely seen as

Gunvald Opens Door For Tormund Giantsbane To Join Beck

On New Year's Day, Beck returns to C More for the first of four new films. The remaining three films will premiere in February, March and April 2016. The synopsis for the first episode to air is careful not to reference either Beck or Gunvald, yet is actually entitled Gunvald: "Jacob, an investigative journalist, is found dead in his apartment. He has been beaten to death, and a fingerprint from a previous crime is found in the apartment. Jacob's colleague Anna says