Levan Akin


Levan Akin was born 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden. He is of Georgian descent. His parents came to Sweden as immigrants in the early 70´s. Levan Akin started of as an intern at SVT, the Swedish Broadcasting Network.

Later he worked as a handyman at the famous "Studio 24" of renowned director Roy Anderson (Songs from the second floor). He has worked as a director's assistant on several TV and film productions while at the same time making his own short films. "The Last Things" is Levan's first officially released short. His first Georgian-speaking film "And Then We Danced" (2019) was shown at festivals in Cannes and London, and also won the main prize at the festival in Odessa.

2012: Director - Certain People
2015: Director - The Circle
2019: Director - And Then We Danced
2019: Editor - And Then We Danced
2012: Writer - Certain People
2015: Screenplay - The Circle
2019: Writer - And Then We Danced

2012: Director - Real Humans