Björn Runge


Björn Lennart Runge, born 21 June 1961 is a Swedish director and author. He was nominated for The Nordic Council Film Prize in 2006 for "Mun mot mun". Björn Runge has worked in film since he was 20, and has worked with Roy Andersson, amongst others. He graduated from the Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm in 1989. In 1991, he worked on the prize winning short film "Greger Olsson kjøper en bil", and in 1993, he won a Guldbagge for the best directing and script for the film "Om jäg vänder mig om". The film also won a Blue Angel at the Berlin Film Festival in the same year.

In 2006, he was nominated for The Nordic Council Film Prize for Mun mot mun with the producer Clas Gunnarson. Runge has also directed a number of short films and TV productions.

2003: Director - Daybreak
2011: Director - Happy End
2005: Director - Mouth to Mouth
1997: Director - The Volcano Man
1996: Director - Harry & Sonja
2018: Director - The Wife
1999: Director - Raymond - sju resor värre
Director - Greger Olsson köper en bil
1993: Director - En dag på stranden
Director - Remember Me
1999: Editor - Raymond - sju resor värre
1997: Producer - The Volcano Man
2018: Executive Producer - The Wife
2003: Writer - Daybreak
2005: Writer - Mouth to Mouth
1996: Writer - Harry & Sonja
1999: Screenplay - Raymond - sju resor värre
1993: Writer - En dag på stranden
1997: Writer - The Volcano Man