Greyzone | Gråzon – Season 1


When the Swedish security police, SÄPO, stop a suspicious truck coming from Denmark at the port of Gothenburg, SÄPO officer Eva Forsberg finds a reinforced air-to-earth missile primed for use. A Danish-Swedish anti-terror unit is established led by Eva along with Jesper Lassen from the Danish PET. They must identify the motive for such a missile being found in Scandinavia and assess the potential terrorist threat. Meanwhile, during a business trip, Danish software engineer Victoria Rahbek meets Swedish journalist Iyad Adi Kassar and agrees to an interview, but the conversation takes an unexpected turn.

Victoria wakes up the the next morning to find herself tied up. Iyad stands over her and shows her a live feed of her son, Oskar. If she doesn’t do as Iyad tells her, she won’t see Oskar alive again. A terrified Victoria sees no way out other than to comply with his demands. Under surveillance, Victoria and Iyad head to Victoria’s workplace, SparrowSat in Stockholm, where she must perform his first task for him. In Copenhagen, Jesper and Eva meet Jesper’s most trusted source – the Imam Naveed. Can Naveed help PET and SÄPO to uncover the mystery of the smuggled missile?

Iyad accompanies Victoria to the airport to pick up her son Oskar, who is unexpectedly sent home from Paris. When she introduces them, she tells Oskar that Iyad is an old friend who will stay with them for a few days. Back in the apartment, Iyad makes Victoria show him how to control a drone using the software she has developed. Jesper is broken after Naveed’s death, and frustrations grow at the lack of progress in the case. But a new clue brings renewed hope that a terrorist attack can be prevented.

The dead driver from Gothenburg travelled several times on the same flight as Victoria Rahbek between Copenhagen and Stockholm, and Jesper is determined to question her against Eva’s orders. Eva is furious, and their working relationship is in jeopardy. Henrik gives Jesper an official warning, but keeps his promise and arranges a meeting with a trusted source. Victoria and Iyad travel to Stockholm where she is forced to steal a flight controller from SparrowSat.

Victoria tests the flight controller, but to enable it to fly over protected areas she needs a security code known only to her Swedish colleague, Linda. PET and SÄPO now have Victoria under constant surveillance, and Eve contacts Victoria at Kastrup Airport. Victoria tells her that Iyad is holding her and Oskar hostage, and Eve promises to keep them both alive. While PET and SÄPO investigate Iyad and his accomplices, Victoria heads to Stockholm to get the code from Linda.