Kvarteret Skatan - The Best of season 1


Kvarteret Skatan - Det bästa från säsong 1
2003 | 71 minutes | Comedy
3 out of 5 stars

In the spring of 2003, the six comedians DAVID BATRA, ANNA BLOMBERG, JOHAN GLANS, RACHEL MOHLIN, VANNA ROSENBERG and MIKAEL SYRÉN got both television viewers and critics to laugh at the black mood series Skatan. The action revolves around a number of odd existences, all of which live or work in the fictional Skatan neighborhood. Now we have selected the best pieces from the first season of the skater neighborhood. Enjoy the absurd, black humor and all the crazy characters. Feel the Indian guru that never gets taken seriously, the disrespectful office cleaner, the tattooed blonde, the leopard vampire vampire, the depths of the game store, the enemies at the office - and many many more unlikely characters.