Norsemen | Vikingane – Season 1


Chief Olav and the Viking warriors return from their raid in the south and have found a map to a new world of wealth. They have brought with them treasures and slaves, one of which is a decadent and self-important actor named Rufus. Meanwhile, the great warrior Arvid has plans to set himself up with a wife and farm, so challenges a farmer in the village of Norheim.

Rufus from Rome is struggling to settle into his new role as a slave and doesn’t enjoy life in Norheim. Slave Kark is institutionalised and tries to make life easier for Rufus. Arvid’s new life as a farm owner and husband isn’t quite as he had imagined. The search for an escaped slave reveals great magic, awakens interest in innovation in the village and forms new friendships.

Chief Olav is badly injured and seeks advice from the shaman. The power struggle is hotting up in Norheim and the Olav’s feckless brother Orm sees an opportunity to lead the village in an entirely new direction.

The Vikings are going out on a raid to find metal for the new art project in Norheim. Slave Rufus is responsible for the village while they are gone, and gets the title of “Creative Leader”.

The Vikings return from their mission in the west, while Rufus wakes up covered in tar and feathers. It is time for the unveiling of the art project in Norheim and the village’s first theatre show.

Earl Varg is on the verge of storming Norheim. Fate will decide who gets to keep the village, if there can be peace in Norheim, and who will sit on the chief’s throne.