Salamander – Season 2


Five years after the death of his wife at the hands of the secret society ‘Salamander’, Chief Inspector Paul Gerardi is called to the case of the assassination of a Kitangian refugee in Brussels. Witnesses say the killer was a white man driving a black Mercedes who has been seriously injured after a police chase. Gerardi and his colleague Danny follow up leads provided by the victim’s political allies, and Paul visits the unconsious suspect in hospital where he makes an alarming discovery.

Gerardi is woken by a phone call from the hospital with news that the suspect Bernard Mercier is dead. Paul is convinced that his death cannot have been from natural causes and when the officer guarding the dead man is questioned, footage emerges of a woman who has impersonated a nurse to gain access to the suspect’s room.

As Gerardi searches Jacky Lanciers’ apartment, he realises that he has disturbed intruders. He and Danny give chase, but Danny is seriously injured when Paul crashes their car. Vic Adams is alerted that the police have visited Jacky’s apartment and arranges for the secret service to collect incriminating evidence.

Martine tells Antony, Chrissie and Alain that if the incriminating film of Bombe is still at Gerardi’s house, she has a plan to retrieve it. Paul is continuing his unofficial investigation into the Minnebach Investment Bank and on visiting the HQ of the Kitangi opposition, learns that Leon Tchite is being buried today in Brussels’ cemetery.

Rene helps Paul to locate a diamond merchant who may be able to identify the source of the diamond he retrieved from Jacky Lanciers’ safe. Martine’s plan of using her nephew to seduce Nicola Wolfs is appearing to be working as Nicola brings the young man to her home.

Paul breaks into Rudy Desmet’s house to question him about the Kitangi diamonds, where Rudy admits to making several necklaces from the illicit stones.