Sthlm Requiem | Sthlm Rekviem – Season 1


After a tragic car accident, Fredrika Bergman (Liv Mjønes) begins working as a civil investigator for the police, but her presence is not welcome. Meanwhile, a girl is taken from her mother at Stockholm Central Station and suspicions are soon directed towards the girl’s dad.

The abducted girl is found dead and soon more children begin to disappear. The investigative team need to move fast before further life is lost as they hunt for a perpetrator who is determined not to stop until everyone is punished.

An elderly religious couple, involved with a charitable organisation for refugees, are found dead and the case appears to be linked to a series of robberies. Fredrika struggles with the fact that she may never be a mother.

The police initially believe that the murder of the couple is linked to a criminal organisation and the murder of refugees. A discovery reveals a trail of greed and betrayal that has torn apart families and lives.