The Legacy | Arvingerne – Season 2


Signe grows increasingly frustrated as she struggles to get her hemp farm up and running at Gronnegaard. Meanwhile, a naming ceremony for Thomas and Isa’s daughter Melody is imminent.

Gro asks Frederik to accompany her to Thailand to see Emil in prison. Though he still hasn’t forgiven Emil for his affair with Solveig, he eventually looks at the case and unearths photographs that seemingly prove his innocence. Meanwhile, as Signe struggles with her farm an unexpected visitor appears whose arrival could change the family dynamic entirely.

Gro and Frederik leave for Thailand in a bid to help Emil, while Signe faces problems on her farm.

Emil returns to Gronnegaard following his time in a Thai prison and promises to stay on the straight and narrow. Signe receives a positive appraisal of her art work, but is later forced to contemplate her way of life after an inspector shows up at her farm. Meanwhile, Frederik continues to battle some inner demons.

As Emil and Gro look through Veronika’s artworks that have been stored in the basement, Frederik’s emotional state worsens to the point where he can no longer look after his children. Meanwhile, Signe’s problems mount when Gro destroys her last chance to save her farm, leading her to make a decision that will change life at Gronnegaard for everyone.

Signe is still busy on the estate while Isa settles into her role as a mother. Elsewhere, Kim delivers some news to Gro that gives her cause for concern.

Gro rushes to look after Thomas, whose condition has deteriorated to the point where he is taken to hospital for emergency care. Meanwhile, at Gronnegaard, the uncertainty about the future of the estate has everyone worried, including Signe who continues her work on the farm despite her growing concern over the wellbeing of baby Melody.