The Magnificent Seven

1998 | Drama | Western
Ended | CBS
3.1 out of 5 stars

The Magnificent Seven is an American western television series based on the 1960 movie, which is a remake of the Japanese film Seven Samurai. It aired between 1998 and 2000. It was filmed in Newhall, California. The pilot, scripted by Chris Black and Frank Q. Dobbs, was filmed in Mescal, Arizona and the Dragoon Mountains of Arizona, near Tombstone. Robert Vaughn, who had starred in the original 1960 movie, frequently guest-starred as a crusading judge.

Vin Tanner - Eric Close
Buck Wilmington - Dale Midkiff
Ezra Stendish - Anthony Starke
Chris Larabee - Michael Biehn
Casey - Dana Barron
Mary Travis - Laurie Holden
Josiah Sanchez - Ron Perlman
Nathan Jackson - Rick Worthy
John Dunne - Andrew Kavovit
Olivia Greer - Alexa PenaVega
Virginia - Tamara Braun
Inez Rocios - Fabiana Udenio