Cardiac Arrest

1994 | Drama
Ended | BBC One
3 out of 5 stars

This series shows the workings of an English hospital through the eyes of its junior doctors. Naive and idealistic Dr Andrew Collins (Andrew Lancel), soon realises he still has much to learn. His boss, Dr Claire Maitland (Helen Baxendale) on the other hand, has seen it all. She is a competent doctor, with a cynical view, and is ready to work the system when needed, but she and Collins work well together as she guides him through the many minefields of working in the NHS.

- Danny Webb
- Melanie Hill
- Peter O'Brien
- Helen Baxendale
- Andrew Lancel
- Jonathan Dow
- Ace Bhatti
- Jacquetta May
- Caroline Trowbridge
- Tim Dantay
- Pooky Quesnel
- Michael MacKenzie
Student Nurse Kirsty - Lisa Harkus
- Selina Cadell
- Tom Watson
- Fred Pearson
- Andrew Clover
- Nicholas Palliser
- Jack Fortune