The Name's the Same

Ended | ABC
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The Name's the Same is an American game show that was produced by Goodson-Todman for the ABC television network from December 5, 1951 to August 31, 1954, followed by a run from October 25, 1954 to October 7, 1955. It was alternately sponsored by Swanson and Johnson Wax for the majority of its run. It was also sponsored by the Bendix home appliance division of Avco early in its run, and Clorets and Chicken of the Sea tuna midway through its run. The show's final sponsor, Ralston Purina, also sponsored Ethel and Albert, the program that replaced The Name's the Same on the ABC schedule.

Moderator - Robert Q. Lewis
- Abe Burrows
- Arnold Stang
- Bob Elliott
- Carl Reiner
Moderator - Clifton Fadiman
- Dennis James
- Gene Rayburn
- Jack Dempsey
- Hal Block
- Jerry Lester
- Meredith Willson
- Ray Goulding
- Roger Price
- Walter Slezak
Panelist - Joan Alexander