The Trojan Horse

2008 | Drama
Ended | CBC Television
2 out of 5 stars

Politician Tom McLaughlin watches from the sidelines as Canada relinquishes sovereignty and joins the United States. He refuses to lose his country without a fight, whether it's fair or not.

Will Tullman - Rick Cosnett
Thomas David McLaughlin - Paul Gross
Miles Fortnum - William Hutt
Jack Shea - Stephen McHattie
Mary Miller - Martha Burns
John Neelon - Clark Johnson
President Stanfield - Tom Skerritt
Colleen Howell - Rachael Crawford
Rafe Kott - Saul Rubinek
Randall Spear - Kenneth Welsh
Helen Madigan - Greta Scacchi
Sam Lewinsky - Jonathan Soja
Clement Olander - Alan Rose